Vi Rei Select Rose 2018

0.75 l

Grape Varieties: Callet , Manto Negro , Merlot , Shyrah
Alcohol Content: 13%


Taste notes

A selected grape harvest that took place at the end of August when the grape is at its perfect stage of ripeness.


Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.


Consumption temperature 12-14ºC.


Colour: A very shiny and clean salmon colour.


Aroma: A very aromatic wine with hints of red fruits, such as strawberries, gooseberries and cherries there is also a trace of peach and apricot.


Taste: A very fresh wine with a well-integrated acidity and a stone fruit aftertaste (peach, apricot , Paraguayan ) with a characteristic mineral touch from our vineyards due to the proximity to the Mediterranean sea .

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