Bodegas Vi Rei offers unique winery tours, exquisite wine tastings and exclusive activities. We invite you to encounter the world of Mallorcan wine with five senses.



We invite you to a Contrast tasting where you can compare young wines with oak wines of the same vintage.


Varieties to choose from :

  • Prensal – Prensal barrel
  • Malvasia – Malvasia cask
  • Sauvignon – Sauvignon Barrique
  • Chardonnay – Chardonnay cask-aged
  • Vi Rei tinto – Vi Rei Tinto barrel

15€ per person | 4 varieties of wine to choose from.

Guided tour and tasting

Visita guiada y cata de vinos

The guided tours and wine tasting at the Vi Rei Wineries consist of an explanation of the wine culture of Mallorca and a route through the winery. In them, we explain the whole process from the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling. Always in an entertaining and informative way. The tour passes through the fermentation room, the barrel park and the bottling machines, to finish in the wine tasting room.

*Wine tastings include 5 wines and a selection of Vi Rei delicatessen.

Duration approx.: 1 hour
Price per person: € 20

The schedule of the guided tour is:

In Spanish: Friday12:30h, Saturday 12:30h, Sunday 15:30h

In German: Wednesday 12:30h, friday15:30h, Saturday 15:30h, Sunday 12:30h

In English: Thursday12:30h


Schedules can be changed (in this case we will notify you by e-mail or WhatsApp)

Tastings without guided tour

Tastings without guided tour do not require prior reservation is from 10h to 18h. Last entry for the tasting is at 17h

  • Tasting of 5 young wines (2 white, 1 rosé, 2 red) € 7 per person
  • Barrel wine tastings (2 white,2 red) 10€ per person

Duration: according to customer

Vineyard guided train
tour and wine tastinG

Vineyard guided train tour and wine tasting

We greet customers at the winery entrance gate and provide information on Mallorcas wine history and background information of Bodegas Vi Rei. Then guests visit the best-kept vineyards of the Balearic Islands on an emblematic train. Clients receive information on the most important local and international varieties and we explain the annual cycle of the vine and its cultivation. Afterwards the guided tour follows the production area, including the grape entrance, the fermentation hall, the barrel storage area, the bottling line and ends in the tasting room.

The tasting includes 4 wines and a selection of Vi Rei delicatessen.

The train schedule is:

In Spanish: Saturday at 12:00h
In English: Thursday at 12h
In German: Saturday at 15:00h 

*To finalise your booking, click on the time you want (even if only one option appears).




Tasting for chocolate and wine lovers.


We keep innovating in the search for new pairings for our wines, if you are a chocolate and wine lover this tasting is ideal for you!

In this tasting you will taste five different wines and five different types of chocolate from different origins.


  • 5 wines
  • 5 chocolates
  • to purify your mouth with bread or biscuits and water.

There is no food, except for the chocolate.

Price per couple 35€


We offer you to enjoy our barrel-fermented white wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay), Vi Rei  Tinto Barrica and Vi Rei Crianza  accompanied by a table of cheeseboard.

Suitable for 2-6 people price € 200

Under prior reservation.

Suitable for 2-6 people price 200€


This is the perfect activity for lovers of local produce.

Come and taste the wines of 100% autochthonous varieties accompanied by local gastronomy.

  • The tasting includes the tasting of 4 white wines
    • 100% Prensal Blanc
    • Malvasia 100% Malvasia
    • Giro Ros 100%
    • Pescador Mallorquín ( Prensal Blanc y Giro Ros)
  • And a red wine
    • Caçador Mallorquín (Manto Negro y Callet)
  • Various Mallorcan pastries such as:
    • Mallorcan empanada
    • Cocarroi
    • Coca de trampó.



35€ per person



Enjoy the tasting with our spectacular Pa amb Oli!

Paamboli, is one of the most typical preparations of Mallorcan cuisine.
The recipe was first documented in the 18th century by Majorcan friar Jaume JosepBernat Martí i Oliver.

Price per plate 14€.

Everyday from 10:00-17:00


We offer bread and wine tasting.

Wine can be paired with almost any kind of food, but there are some foods that combine especially well with wine and bread is one of those.

  • 5 varieties of wine to be sampled along with delicious breads
  • Squid bread
  • Curry bread
  • Pesto bread
  • Tomato bread
  • Coca breaad
  • Mallorcan Sobrasada
  • Olives,
  • Vi Rei olive oil
  • Olive pate

 Wines to choose from to your preference.
**The whole group must drink the same wines.

25€ per person

Bread and Wine we bring to you !

Winery picnic​


At Bodegas Vi Rei we would like to offer a wine picnic in the middle of our vineyards. Enjoy a good conversation with delicious wines and Mallorcan delicatessen in a unique ambience.

One picnic basket includes: baguette, cheese, tomato, olive, sausage, almonds, 1 bottle of wine and water.

This is only available from April to October.
Price per person: 30,00 €

Si desea reservar alguna actividad para regalo, puede reservar cualquier fecha disponible de la actividad elegida y en las observaciones indicar que la fecha se cambiará y que necesitan bono regalo. Indicar nombre y el texto que deseen poner en el bono. 

Wenn sie eine aktivität als geschenk buchen möchten, können sie ein beliebiges verfügbares datum der gewählten aktivität buchen und in den anmerkungen angeben, dass das datum geändert wird und dass sie einen geschenkgutschein benötigen. Bitte geben sie den namen und den text an, den sie auf dem gutschein anbringen möchten.

If you wish to book an activity for gift, you can book any available date of the chosen activity and in the observations indicate that the date will be changed and that you need a gift voucher. Please indicate name and text you wish to put on the voucher.

Customize your occasions or special events as you wish

Personaliza tus ocasiones o eventos especiales como deseas

· Agradecimiento · Amigo invisible · Aniversario ·
· Boda · Cumpleaños · Día de la Madre · Día del Padre ·
· Nacimiento de un bebé · Navidad · Reyes ·
· San Valentín · Vacaciones ·

Botella de 0.75L –  30€  /  1,5L – 45€  /  3,00L – 65€  Ajustamos precios a pedidos grandes para empresas o bodas. Póngase en contacto con nosotros .

Customize your occasions or special events as you wish

· Gratitudes · Invisible friend · Wedding ·
· Anniversary · Birthday · Mother's Day · Father's day ·
· Birth of a baby · Christmas ·
· Valentine's Day ·

0.75L –  30€  /  1,5L – 45€  /  3,00L – 65€ 

We adjust prices to large orders for companies or weddings.

Contact Us .


Temporalmente, todos los eventos en alemán están suspendidos. Si quieres hacer en inglés o español, poner en contacto con nosotros.

Temporarily, all events in German are suspended. If you want to do them in English or Spanish, please contact us. 

Vorübergehend sind alle Veranstaltungen in deutscher Sprache ausgesetzt. Wenn Sie sie auf Englisch oder Spanisch durchführen möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. 

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