Vi Rei Winery offers different spaces for your events.

The vineyards

Terrace: 2300 square meters with views of the vineyard.

Room of 500 square meters.
Room of 1300 square meters with 10 balconies and views of the vineyard.
We also offer a space for your event in the vineyard.

Our spaces are suitable for weddings, communions, private parties, meetings, fairs, art exhibitions, car shows.

We have a large parking. We can also count with good road accessibility for both buses and trucks. We are only 30 minutes away from the airport. Vi Rei Wineries
also has an agroturism hotel in its territory where you can stay if necessary.



Company events






Customize your occasions or special events as you wish

Personaliza tus ocasiones o eventos especiales como deseas

· Agradecimiento · Amigo invisible · Aniversario ·
· Boda · Cumpleaños · Día de la Madre · Día del Padre ·
· Nacimiento de un bebé · Navidad · Reyes ·
· San Valentín · Vacaciones ·

Botella de 0.75L –  30€  /  1,5L – 45€  /  3,00L – 65€  Ajustamos precios a pedidos grandes para empresas o bodas. Póngase en contacto con nosotros .

Customize your occasions or special events as you wish

· Gratitudes · Invisible friend · Wedding ·
· Anniversary · Birthday · Mother's Day · Father's day ·
· Birth of a baby · Christmas ·
· Valentine's Day ·

0.75L –  30€  /  1,5L – 45€  /  3,00L – 65€ 

We adjust prices to large orders for companies or weddings.

Contact Us .


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