The past

The many existing Talaiots found in the Llucmajor area and the ancient settlements such as Capocorb Vell, point to the fact that it was one of the first inhabited regions of Mallorca.

It was also the first region of the island where Romans planted vineyards from which excellent wines were produced. In his book “Historia Natural”, Pliny the Elder wrote that the wines of the Balearic Islands were amongst the best wines of the Roman Empire. However, it was after the conquest of Mallorca after 1232 by King Jaume I that wine making on the island flourished. This was only interrupted by the arrival of the Phylloxera plague from mainland Europe in the 19th century, leaving behind it a trail of devastation and an abrupt decline of wine production in Mallorca.

The present

At the beginning of our century, Miguel Pascual, a true visionary, born amongst vines and passionate about wine, planted a new vineyard on the estate of Sa Bassa Plana, thus recovering and revitalizing the wine making sector in the region of Llucmajor. Convinced of the uniqueness of the conditions of this estate near the sea, he created a state of the art vineyard with enormous potential.

The Winemaker

The well-established Ignacio de Miguel is the creator of the wines of Bodegas Vi Rei. A longtime collaborator of Michel Rolland and Carlos Falco. Ignacio de Miguel creates wines that perfectly reflect Mallorcan identity; authentic wines with strong personalities.
He applies 7 very important rules in his creation process: harvesting at the perfect time, when grapes reach optimum maturity. Allow a gentle extraction during vinification. Careful fermentation to avoid coarseness of character. Selection of specific barrels for specific desired results, taking into account the grain of the oak, the toasting, the origin of the oak.

Carefully monitor the ageing in barrel. During assemblage, the quality of each variety and character must prevail. Always keep an open mind.

The vineyards

Most of the vineyard was planted in 2012, with indigenous varieties such as Premsal Blanc, Giro Ros, Mantonegro, and Callet, and with the international varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, totalling 85 hectares. The growing of the vines follows very strict criteria, mostly being done manually from pruning to harvest. The climate in the region is typically Mediterranean, with temperatures averaging 17ºC. Mild winters and hot and dry summers, provide optimum growing conditions for grapes, providing a very typical “terroir” character.

The proximity of the sea is also a very significant element of the microclimate found near Llucmajor. Rainfall varies between 400 and 450 millimeters per year, and the sun shines more than 2,800 hours per year. The earth is composed of limestone and clay, giving it red tones, with a slightly alkaline acidity level. These characteristics allow for good drainage, and combined with low levels of earth and easy growing of roots provide ideal conditions for vine growing.

The Winery

The winery was founded in 2014, designed by the famous mallorquin architect Rafael Munar, whose style hails the integration of buildings within their environment.


The winery was built with a clear idea in mind: to produce high quality wines introducing the latest technology in wine making processes. The vinification process starts with low extraction presses producing high quality must which is then transferred to stainless steel tanks for fermentation at a controlled temperature. This process produces wines rich in aromas and colour. The ageing is done in French oak barrels and further ageing is done in the bottle. The bottling is done entirely in our winery, thus completing the production cycle. All wines are limited and numbered.

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